What are Emotes and How You Can Use this Function in PUBG?


PUBG offers the players emotes for better communication. These are available for PC's both test and live servers. It is quite a handy way to communicate with team members without having to use the microphone. Using this silent communication technique along with pubg esp is a remarkable way to walk on the path to victory. If you would like to learn more then check out: privatecheatz.com

Hacks like Zone Surprises, Vehicle Hits, Wallhack, ESP, Undetected, etc. offers the players some perks which are essential for winning a match. Using such hacks, one gains the necessary advantages like receiving the locations of other players, hiding near centre zone and shooting the enemy when they reach the middle of the white circle, etc. However, let’s just get back to emotes of this game now.

Emotes available for players

A total of 12 emotes are available in PUBG that is numbered from 0-9 and other two is tagged to - and + symbols. The emotes list contains the functions below:

  • -Point

  • -Come here

  • -Taunt

  • -Shake head

  • -Threaten

  • -Angry

  • -Surrender

  • -Laugh

  • -Clap

  • -Nodding Head

  • -Thank You

  • -Wave

All these help in silent communication and are a fun and interesting way when playing in a squad and duo. These signalling options along with PUBG hacks are a sure shot way of getting your ‘chicken dinner’.

Using Emotes in PUBG  

Using emotes in simple and thankfully gamers can use this without having to move their hands from the mouse. To use these ones would require to bring the menu up by pressing [~] or [`]. This keyboard button is right under the Esc key on the top left corner. However, by going to settings a player can of course change this.

The menu comes up on screen in a round dial format. Using the mouse, an individual can click on the highlighted emote which he/she needs to use. However, these are not the only way to use this function. One can simply press the number buttons on the keyboard without moving the mouse at all. Moreover, with battlegrounds hacks like ESP where one gets to know the location of the enemy; can easily alert the team members without speaking at all.

Nonetheless, one can’t use emotes when changing perspective or taking a peek around the corners in FPS (first person shooting) mode. These are merely cosmetic and do not impact the gameplay at all. These are just a fun way of communication which comes in handy for people who don't want to use the microphone.


What’s the point of Emotes?

Like it is aforementioned, these are purely for making the game more interesting. These help in showcasing emotions to one’s group as well as enemies. For example, it is used for taunting enemies for making the shootout more fun and satisfying. However, ensure that you don’t get killed while trying to use this function. Also, using battlegrounds hacks lets you stay alive for longer duration which allows you an opportunity to use these.

So, if you are looking to make this interesting download, install it from Steam. Use it in a game along with PUBG hacks for ultimate performance.

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